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John Helliwell steps down from CCLRC as Director SR

John Helliwell has stepped down from the position of Director of SR Science at the CCLRC, a post he has held since January 2002, on secondment from the University of Manchester. In a short period he has made a crucial contribution to the CCLRC and SRS. Acknowledging this, Professor John Wood, Chief executive of CCLRC, said that the CCLRC will undoubtedly miss the contribution that John has made to its programme but fully understands his personal wish to return to a full-time research position at the University of Manchester, and looks forward to welcoming him back as one of the leading UK users of the CCLRC research facilities. John Helliwell said, “I came to realise that the administration-dominated role of CCLRC Director of SR Science was incompatible with progressing my laboratory's science research at the University of Manchester. I would like to record here that I felt a great sense of privilege and honour to have led the SR Department at Daresbury, and advise CCLRC on SR Science, even for the short time of 12 months. This last year had also allowed me to build on my earlier work within the European Facilities Expert Working Group, convened by the UK's Office of Science and Technology, during an exciting period of planning of facilities in the UK and in Europe as a whole.”

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