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Chemical Applications of Synchrotron Radiation, Vol. 12, Advanced Series in Physical Chemistry. Part I: Dynamics and VUV Spectroscopy. Part II: X-ray Applications. Edited by Tsun-Kong Sham. Pp. 1304. Singapore: World Scientific, 2002. Price USD 198, GBP 132, ISBN 981-02-4480-0 (set).

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The goal of this Advanced Series in Physical Chemistry is to provide texts to support the teaching of graduate courses that are focused on modern topics and new developments in experimental and theoretical physical chemistry. The reviews presented are set in the context of the applications of synchrotron light sources over the past 50 years, to the present, so-called third-generation, sources that are versatile and powerful radiation sources from the below-red to the X-ray regions.

Given the wide applicability of synchrotron light and the potential significance of the new investigations that are possible, it is timely to examine the impact that synchrotron light has made and will continue to make on chemical research, in its widest sense. With this objective in mind, the editor of this two-part volume invited contributions from practitioners who are at the forefront of particular aspects of this field of research. The authors and editor are congratulated on achieving their individual and collective aims. Thus, the individual chapters summarize most of the significant developments in the last decade in chemical and related research that have been achieved using synchrotron light sources. The utilization of the radiation as a probe as well as an energy source is emphasized.

This book is organized in order of increasing photon energy. Part I deals with the applications of low-energy photons and covers areas such as gas-phase photodissociation reactions and dynamics, soft X-ray fluorescence, IR and photoemission analysis of surfaces, spectroscopy of organic and polymeric materials, catalysts, electronic and magnetic materials, and spectromicroscopy. Part II encompasses applications using soft to hard X-rays, including spectroscopy of surface and thin films, XAFS, diffraction and scattering, and several technological applications, namely the microprobe, photoetching and tribology.

The material is presented in a clear, concise and authoritative manner and each chapter contains figures that complement the text, together with a comprehensive list of relevant references.

This text is essential for library purchase and, for those engaged in this field of research and/or teaching graduate courses that cover the chemical applications of synchrotron radiation, personal purchase is recommended.

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