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Construction of the Australian synchrotron begins

The major Australian construction company Thiess has been selected to construct the building to house the Australian synchrotron. The Innovation Minister, John Brumby, said that the establishment of a national synchrotron facility in Melbourne was the most exciting and significant science infrastructure investment in Australia for decades. “The project will create up to 2500 direct and indirect jobs and contribute $65 million a year to the Victorian economy”, Mr Brumby said. The Minister for Major Projects, Peter Batchelor, said that the $39.4 million building would be purpose built to accommodate the synchrotron machine and its associated laboratories and technical facilities. It will have a footprint of 10600 m2, with a roof span of 116 m covering the 67 m-diameter synchrotron machine with capacity for 30+ beamlines. The outer rim of the building will house two storeys of offices, sample-preparation areas and control rooms.[link]

[Figure 1]
Figure 1
Artistic impression of the Australian synchrotron.
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