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Barcelona gets its Machine Director

Dieter Einfeld, the Technical Director of SESAME since 2001, will be joining the Synchrotron Light Centre (LLS) at Barcelona as its Technical Director in March 2004. Prior to joining SESAME he was the head of the machine group and was responsibe for the construction of the synchrotron radiation source ANKA at Karlsruhe during 1996–2000. He retired from Karlsruhe in spring 2001. Einfeld's passion for the design and optimization of storage rings began some 25 years ago when he became involved with the design of an electron storage ring for production of synchrotron radiation at the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Berlin, and preliminary design work on BESSY, Berlin, in 1978. During the last two years he has worked towards converting the original concept of SESAME into a third-generation storage ring, where the machine energy has been raised to 2.5 GeV, with a circumference of 125 m, an emittance of 24.6 nm rad and 40% of the circumference available for insertion devices. His appointment at the LLS is likely to provide a major boost to the Barcelona project which already enjoys the vast experience of Joan Bordas in synchrotron radiation, who is its Project Director and is also a member of the SESAME Beamlines Committee.[link]

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Figure 1
Dieter Einfeld.
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