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Aberration corrected vacuum ultraviolet monochromator

(Received 9 August 2004; accepted 9 August 2004)

The enhanced McPherson Model 231 1 m focal length Seya Namioka vacuum ultraviolet monochromator[link] is available now. The new design benefits users by use of aberration corrected gratings for improved performance and better (smaller) beam shape around the focus point. The Seya Namioka optical geometry is ideal for work from about 30 nm to the visible. The efficient optical system uses only a single reflective element to disperse and focus.

[Figure 1]
Figure 1
The aberration corrected vacuum ultraviolet monochromator.

The McPherson Seya Namioka provides ample workspace around the entrance and exit slits. This simplifies mounting and interface to experiments in vacuum chambers. Better focusing and light collection improve signal to noise for all experiments. Better imaging (aberration correction) improves results of vacuum ultraviolet laser interaction experiments, as well as general photochemical, photolysis, harmonic generation research.

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