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1 m vacuum monochromator

(Received 5 August 2005; accepted 5 August 2005)

Rapid data collection, simplified spectral analysis and built-in calibration port are some of the features of the newest McPherson 1 m monochromator, Model 225.[link] This instrument resolves 0.01 nm and is a useful tool in experimental physics of high-temperature plasma and highly charged ions (electron beam ion trap experiments, for example). Benefits include interchangeable triple-grating turrets, dual entrance and exit port configurations, and readily available diffraction gratings for the 30 to 1000 nm wavelength region. The Model 225 has clean stainless-steel vacuum construction with minimal Viton o-ring seals to pump easily to the 10−8 torr region. Multiple port configurations make it easy to mount high-sensitivity fast detectors like channel-electron-multipliers or photomultipliers. It is also easy to mount slower CCD detectors. A unique McPherson focal plane tip/tilt drive augments direct detection CCDs. This allows optimizing focus across the entire detector regardless of the wavelength selected.

[Figure 1]
Figure 1
The new McPherson 1 m monochromator, Model 225.

The McPherson Model 225 is readily available. Some options to your instrument build include ultra-high-vacuum (UHV) compatibility to 10−10 torr. We can also produce units with longer focal lengths, up to 6.65 m, for high-resolution applications.

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