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Deep UV and vacuum ultraviolet spectrophotometer

(Received 4 October 2005; accepted 4 October 2005)

Vacuum ultraviolet spectrophotometer (VUVaS) systems perform dual-beam measurements of absorbance, transmittance and reflectance at variable angles in the deep and vacuum UV range (115–380 nm). The McPherson systems simplify material or coating characterization and quality control, and allow transmission and reflectance to be measured and mapped on samples as large as 350 mm. Smaller sample chambers for smaller samples and non-mapping applications are available. 0.1% precision can be achieved regardless of measurement mode. The McPherson VUVaS is the first vacuum-compatible double-beam system which simultaneously collects sample and reference spectra. Individual spectral or ratio results are displayed during acquisition. All reflective spectrally agile beam collimation delivers consistent spot size to the sample, guaranteeing best results. The McPherson VUVaS provides easy access to the deep and vacuum ultraviolet region (120–380 nm) with purged or vacuum environment. This system may be adapted directly to wafer or substrate-handling systems as used in the semiconductor industry. Measurement chambers are clean and particulate-free insuring safety of samples and high integrity measurements.[link]

[Figure 1]
Figure 1
The deep UV and vacuum ultraviolet spectrophotometer.
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