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Figure 2
(a) Recognition determinants in the ssrA tag for ClpX (coloured red), SspB (green) and ClpA (blue). (b) Recognition determinants in the SspB tail for ZBD of ClpX and the conserved ZBD-interacting determinants in the ClpX interacting proteins, RssB and UmuD. Leucine residues (coloured red) are the key determinant. Other residues (pink) in SspB are also involved in the interaction with ZBD. (c) Structure of the SspB-ssrA complex. Ribbon diagram with transparent surface of dimeric SspB and stick model of ssrA peptides. The flexible C-terminal tail of SspB is invisible in the crystal structure (PDB ID: 1OX9). (d) Structure of ZBD-XB complex. Ribbon diagram with transparent surface of dimeric ZBD and stick model of SspB-tail peptides (PDB ID: 2DS8). The two slate-coloured balls are bound zinc atoms. The orientation of (c) and (d) is a view looking down at the twofold molecular symmetry. Parts (c) and (d) were also drawn using PyMOL.

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