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PI-MTE cameras now twice as fast with 2 MHz readout

(Received 7 August 2008; accepted 7 August 2008; online 19 August 2008)

Princeton Instruments announces the improvement of the popular PI-MTE cameras, now twice as fast, with 2 MHz readout. The well respected PI-MTE line of high-performance cameras is capable of resolution up to 4 Mpixels and is part of Princeton Instruments' X-ray Group. These compact cameras are designed for the most demanding X-ray applications, including coherent X-ray diffraction imaging, soft X-ray microscopy and X-ray holography, and are used at synchrotrons worldwide. The PI-MTE cameras offer world-renowned Princeton Instruments high sensitivity, low noise and high dynamic range performance.

The compact PI-MTE camera measures 116.0 mm × 60.0 mm × 80.0 mm and weighs only ∼1.1 kg. The complete system includes ST-133 controller, WinX software and in-vacuum electrical and cooling interfaces to permit uninterrupted operation inside a vacuum chamber, without compromising performance. The USB 2.0 interface offers several advantages, including operation of the camera with a laptop computer. It is also available with a fiber optic communication kit for long-distance operation up to 1000 m. The TTL signals from ST-133 controller and LabVIEW drivers make the integration of the camera with other instruments effortless. [link]

[Figure 1]
Figure 1
A PI-MTE camera.
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