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Figure 1
(a) and (b) Temperature dependence of the XMCD spectra of Ho at the L3- (a) and L2-edge (b) in Ho6Fe23: T = 80 K (black, filled circles), T = 150 K (red, open circles), T = 225 K (green, filled squares), T = 250 K (blue, open squares) and T = 300 K (purple, filled triangles). For the sake of comparison, the Ho L2 XMCD spectrum of HoAl2 recorded at T = 5 K and H = 5 T is also shown (dark green, dashed line) in (b). The same is done for L3 in (a) but for the HoAl2 signal scaled to match the amplitude of Ho6Fe23 at T = 80 K. (c) and (d) Comparison of the temperature dependence, relative to the room-temperature values, of the Ho magnetic moment, derived from magnetization data (red, open circles) and the integrated XMCD signals (black, filled circles) of the Ho L3 (c) and L2 (d) absorption edges.

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