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Figure 3
Classification of CYS–CYS disulfide bonds according to dihedral bond angles. (a) A disulfide bond can be described by five dihedral angles, which can be defined from either side. (b) The three basic groups, spiral, hook, and staple, are determined by the three central angles χ2, χ3, [\chi_2^{\,\prime}] and are named after the motifs they resemble. The sign of the central χ3 angle can be used to determine the bond as left-handed (LH) or right-handed (RH), and combined with the signs of the remaining two dihedral bond angles χ1 and [\chi_1^{\,\prime}] (−, +/−, +) results in a total of 20 different disulfide bond types. Reprinted by permission from Macmillan Publishers Ltd: Nature Reviews Cancer (Hogg, 2013BB14), Copyright (2013).

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