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Figure 2
(a) The measured soft-tissue volume fractions obtained in eight VOIs per mouse are shown. Note that the same trend of increasing soft-tissue content seen in Fig. 1[link] can be found here. (b) The relative mean δ-values of the lung soft tissue (normalized to the control group CN) are demonstrated. An increase of the relative δ-value is found in lungs of mice with severe asthma (SAA). In contrast, lungs of mice with mild asthma (MAA) demonstrate slightly reduced relative δ-values. (c) Relative difference of the lung weight of MAA (N = 6) and SAA (N = 5) compared with CN (N = 6) (additional cohort of mice) directly after explantation (wet) and after being dried for 24 h (dry). Lungs of SAA mice weighed almost twice as much as lungs of CN with a small reduction in dry weight, indicating that the difference is equally related to more cells and higher water content. The relative weight difference of MAA increases from 14% to 21% from the wet to dry state, indicating that this effect is much smaller than in SAA and is slightly more related to an increase in the number of cells within the lung than to a higher water content. The error bars represent the standard deviation of the respective values within the different groups. ** indicates a p-value of a one-way ANOVA test of less than 0.01 and therefore a significant difference.

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