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Figure 9
Image produced by circular mirrors set to focus with p = 30 m, q = 10 m, [\theta_{\rm{g}}] = 3 mrad with slope errors from the database entries 3 ([\sigma^{\rm{s}}] = 0.17 µrad), 5 ([\sigma^{\rm{s}}] = 0.85 µrad) and 22 ([\sigma^{\rm{s}}] = 5.32 µrad). For clarity, the intensity of profile 22 has been multiplied by 5. The effect of higher broadening produced by profiles with high slope error (entry 22) is evident. Note also the structures in the focal intensity distribution produced by the low-frequency errors (shape or figure errors).

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Volume 23| Part 3| May 2016| Pages 665-678
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