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Figure 8
(a) Series of diffraction patterns from S. cerevisiae picked up at an interval of 12.0°. The resolution at the edge is 6.31 µm−1, corresponding to 158 nm in real space. (b) Projection electron density maps of the S. cereviciae cell retrieved from the diffraction patterns in panel (a) at a resolution of 136 nm. The scale bar is 3 µm. The handedness was the same among the PR maps as in the case of C. merolae. However, a π-rotation was necessary for several PR maps. (c) Four views of 3D electron density maps of S. cerevisiae reconstructed by the back-projection method. The maps are contoured to demonstrate the cell envelope and high-density regions. The model is illustrated by using the Chimera suite (Pettersen et al., 2004BB57).

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