Figure 7
Illustration of expanded fractions of the unit cell for (V) showing the intramolecular bonding indicated by a dashed line bond and the multiple disordered CF3 moiety indicated by red, blue and black bonds, respectively. Only relevant H atoms have been included for clarity. Symmetry operators: (a) (i) [x, {1\over 2}-y, {1\over 2}+z]; (ii) -x, -y, 1-z; (iii) [-x, {1\over 2}+y, {1\over 2}-z]; (iv) x, 1+y, z. (b) (i) [-x, {1\over 2}+y, {1\over 2}-z]; (ii) -1+x, y, z; (iii) -x, -y, 1-z; (iv) -x, 1-y, 1-z.  [article HTML]

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