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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Acta Crystallographica Section B: Structural Science.

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Accepted 6 May 2015

Acentric Crystals of New N-Benzylideneaniline Derivatives as Potential Materials for Non-Linear Optics

T. E. Souza, I. M. L. Rosa, A. O. Legendre, D. Paschoal, L. J. Q. Maia, H. F. Dos Santos, F. T. Matins and A. C. Doriguetto

Synopsis: Single crystals of three N-benzylideneaniline derivatives containing electron-push-pull groups have been grown. Two of them crystallise in acentric space groups with high planarity of their molecular skeletons. Quantum-mechanical calculations strengthen the potential non-linear optical application of the obtained compounds.

Accepted 28 April 2015

Aperiodic crystals and beyond

U. Grimm

Synopsis: The notion of order in spatial structures is discussed in the context of mathematical diffraction theory, with particular emphasis on aperiodic crystals and non-crystalline structures.

Accepted 27 April 2015

Octahedral tilting in the tungsten bronzes

T. A. Whittle, S. Schmid and C. J. Howard

Synopsis: Group theoretical methods are used to explore the possibilities for tilting of the corner-connected octahedra in hexagonal and tetragonal tungsten bronzes. Connection is made with the structures reported for these materials.

Accepted 22 April 2015

Structural insights into M2O-Al2O3-WO3 (M = Na, K) system by electron diffraction tomography

I. Andrusenko, Y. Krysiak, E. Mugnaioli, T. E. Gorelik, D. Nihtianova and U. Kolb

Synopsis: The structure of two new nanocrystalline phases, K5Al(W3O11)2 and NaAl(WO4)2, was determined by automated electron diffraction tomography. Structure analysis was complicated by pseudo-symmetries and the presence of additional phases.

Accepted 20 April 2015

Salt screening of ciprofloxacin and rule of salt forming

G. Zhang, L. Zhang, D. Yang, N. Zhang, L. He, G. Du and Y. Lu

Accepted 17 April 2015

The modulated average structure of mullite

J. Birkenstock, V. Petrícek, B. Pedersen, H. Schneider and R. X. Fischer

Synopsis: The first refinement of modulated mullite in the superspace approach is presented disclosing a modulated average structure of basically disordered mullite. It is discussed as to why mullite does not form a perfectly long-range ordered structure, although simple superstructures can easily be set up which are compatible with the chemical composition.

Accepted 16 April 2015

Optical anomaly in artificial cubic hieratite, K2[SiF6]

O. F. Göbel, J. E. ten Elshof, W. Kaminsky and M. Hannss

Synopsis: Crystals of K2[SiF6] were grown in agar gel. They have a cubic structure as refined from X-ray diffraction data, however, they exhibit birefringence in six regular domains.

Accepted 5 April 2015

Crystal structure, atomic net charges and electric moments in pyroelectric LiNaSO4 at 296 K

M. Karppinen

Accepted 25 March 2015

Structural analysis of the coordination of di­nitrogen to transition metal complexes

G. Aullón and B. Peigné

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