forthcoming articles in Acta Crystallographica Section B

The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Acta Crystallographica Section B: Structural Science.

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Accepted 12 June 2014

Succinate esters: odd-even effects in melting points

S. Joseph and R. Sathishkumar

Accepted 12 June 2014

Structural aspects of intermolecular interactions in solid state of 1,4-dibenzylpiperazines bearing nitrile or amidine groups

M. Rezler, T. Zolek, I. Wolska and D. Maciejewska

Synopsis: X-ray diffraction analyses for new pentamidine analogs are presented: 1,4-bis(4-cyanobenzyl)piperazine (1) crystallizes in the triclinic space group (P-1) and 1,4-bis(4-amidinobenzyl)piperazine tetrahydrochloride tetrahydrate (2) in the monoclinic space group (P21/n) revealing a complex system of hydrogen bonds for (2).

Accepted 11 June 2014

Solid-state transformation of nanocrystalline phyllomanganate into tectomanganate. Influence of initial layer and interlayer structure.

S. Grangeon, B. Lanson and M. Lanson

Synopsis: Synthetic vernadite was equilibrated at pH values ranging from 3 to 10 and its crystal structure elucidated using X-ray diffraction on fresh samples and on samples aged for up to eight years. The main structural transformation with time is related to the migration of Mn3+ from the octahedral layer to the interlayer. For low pH samples, which contain initially the higher number of interlayer Mn3+, this transformation leads to a tunnel-like cryptomelane structure (2 × 2 tunnel size).

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