Figure 6
Comparison of Fe-ligand coordination geometry at the active site prior to O2 binding in some 2-His-1-carboxylate enzymes. (a) The APD-4NC complex structure, (b) the 4,5-PCD structure (PDB entry 1b4u ; Sugimoto et al., 1999BB24), (c) HPCD (PDB entry 2iga ; Kovaleva & Lipscomb, 2007BB12) and (d) the [alpha]-KG-dependent enzyme clavaminate synthase (CAS-[alpha]-KG-PCV; PDB entry 1drt ; Zhang et al., 2000BB33). Schematic representations of the Fe-coordination scheme are shown in the middle and simplified representations showing Fe coordination with two O- anions from the carboxylic side chain of the Glu residue and a hydroxyl substituent of the bound ligand are shown at the bottom.  [article HTML]

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