Figure 5
(a-c) X-band pELDOR measurements of DnaJ double mutants (a) T18C/S86C, (b) S86C/E95C and (c) I50C/V90C: background-corrected time traces and their Tikhonov regularization fits (left; regularization parameter [alpha] = 10) and corresponding distance distributions superimposed on their respective rotamer distribution predicted from the crystal structure (right). (d) X-band pELDOR measurements of DnaJ single mutants S86C (black) and S58C (blue) using a long time window for measurements of large distances. Dipolar evolution functions with Tikhonov regularization fit (inset; [alpha] = 100) and corresponding distance distributions (right). Colour codes above the distributions signify reliability intervals; the reliability of the mean distance of the calculated distribution peaks is shown from dark blue (highest reliability) to red (lowest reliability).  [article HTML]