Figure 3
Effect of controlled dehydration to RHf = 86% at different rates on (a) the unit-cell parameters and unit-cell volume and (b) the diffraction data quality of Gpc-1 crystals. The data at zero dehydration rate were for a control non-dehydrated crystal. All other crystals were dehydrated to RHf = 86% in 0.1% steps with the given step time and flash-cooled; full data sets were then collected at 100 K. (a) The changes in [beta] angle (squares), c dimension (circles) and unit-cell volume (diamonds) with different dehydration rates are plotted as solid, dotted and dashed lines, respectively. (b) The diffraction data quality as estimated by resolution (squares), anisotropy [Delta]B (circles) and Wilson B factor (diamonds) is plotted as solid, dotted and dashed lines, respectively.  [article HTML]