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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Acta Crystallographica Section D: Structural Biology.

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Accepted 24 May 2016

Second-harmonic generation correlation spectroscopy for characterizing translational diffusing motion of protein nanocrystals

Second-harmonic generation correlation spectroscopy was developed as a tool for the characterization of the diffusing protein nanocrystals.

Accepted 13 May 2016

Structural basis for acyl-group discrimination by human Gcn5L2

Structures of human Gcn5L2 bound to propionyl-CoA and butyryl-CoA show how the active site accommodates different acyl modifications and explain why butyryl-CoA acts as a competitive inhibitor.

Accepted 9 May 2016

Ab initio phasing by molecular averaging in real space with new criteria: application to structure determination of a betanodavirus

A two-step process of phase determination in the X-ray structural analysis of the coat protein of a betanodavirus is described. A new indicator, the free fraction, for molecular averaging in real space is introduced to effectively evaluate the phasing power in order to enhance the success of determining new structures.

Accepted 3 May 2016

Neutron and X-ray single-crystal diffraction from protein microcrystals via magnetically oriented microcrystal arrays in gels

Single-crystal neutron and X-ray diffraction from lysozyme microcrystals magnetically aligned in gels are reported. Neutron diffraction spots were observed to a resolution of 3.4 Å and the crystal structure was solved at a resolution of 1.76 Å using X-rays at room temperature.

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