Figure 2 a) The hydrogen-bonded chain structure of the title salt. H, O and Cl atoms involved in hydrogen bonding are are drawn as balls and O-H...Cl and N-H...Cl interactions are drawn as dotted lines. H atoms non-participating in hydrogen-bonding were omitted for clarity. b) Impterplay of classical hydrogen bonds (broken lines) and short O-H...X contacts (dotted lines); symmetry codes: (i) -x + 1, y + [{1\over 2}], -z + [{3\over 2}]; (ii) -x + [{1\over 2}], -y + 2, z - [{1\over 2}]; (iii) x + [{1\over 2}], -y + [{3\over 2}], -z + 1.  [article HTML]