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Figure 2
Structural comparisons of GK0453. (a) Sequence alignment of GK0453 (Q5L2U2_GEOKA) with the hypothetical protein YfhH (YFHH_BACSU) and representative structurally similar proteins UvrB (UvrB_Ecoli; amino acids 628–673) and the MRG15 chromodomain protein (MO4L1_HUMAN; amino acids 6–65) corresponding to the N- and C-terminal regions of GK0453, respectively. The secondary-structure elements of GK0453 are indicated above the alignment and residues that are similar between GK0453 and YfhH are coloured red. The figure was generated by ESPript (Gouet et al., 1999BB6). Superimpositions are shown of (b) GK0453 (pink) on the YfhH protein (green), (c) the N-terminal region of GK0453 on the C-terminal domain of UvrB (light blue) and on the Rab-binding domain of rabenosyn-5 (yellow) and (d) the C-terminal region of GK0453 on the MRG15 chromodomain (cyan) and on the type II dihydrofolate reductase DHFR (orange). The methylated histone-tail recognizing residues Tyr26, Tyr46 and Trp49 in the MRG15 chromodomain are depicted by sticks.

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