Acta Crystallographica Section F:
Structural Biology and Crystallization Communications

Acta Cryst. F will focus on the rapid publication of structural genomics, protein structure and crystallization results. It will be available through the IUCr's Crystallography Journals Online initiative, see and will commence publication in January 2005.
The new journal will be wholly electronic with respect to deposition, submission, refereeing and publication.

Aims and scope

Acta Cryst. F aims to provide a home for communications on the crystallization and structure of biological macromolecules. Structures determined from high-throughput structural genomics initiatives or from iterative studies such as those used in the pharmaceutical industry will be particularly welcomed.

Publication will be fast and simple, articles will be published online as soon as they are ready, and a streamlined route from database deposition to publication will be provided. All communications will benefit from unlimited free use of colour illustrations, and movies or other enhancements are encouraged.

Format and content of Section F

The new online-only journal will provide three categories of publication:

Each communication will be required to include refereeable scientific content and citations of related work, and will consist of:

Atomic coordinates and structure factors will be accessible via links to the appropriate database.

Individual articles will be published as soon as they are ready for publication. At the end of each month, articles published in that month will be collected together into formal journal issues.

The journal will provide:

Authors will be supplied with electronic reprints.

Relationship of Section F to Section D

Acta Cryst. F and Acta Cryst. D will together provide a full range of publication options for the rapid publication of structural biology and crystallization research.

The current 'crystallization papers' section of Acta Cryst. D will form part of Acta Cryst. F from January 2005.

Acta Cryst. D will continue to welcome papers on biological structures and on crystallographic methods and theory including novel methods related to crystallization.

Handling of submissions and preparation of Section F

Editorial board

The journal has a distinguished Editorial Board under the guidance of the Editors, Howard Einspahr and Mitchell Guss. Details of the Editorial Board are available from the journal web site.

Peer review

All papers in the journal will be fully peer reviewed.


Publication charges

The journal does not make any publication charges (e.g. page charges, colour charges, set-up fees etc.). Authors or organizations wishing to make their papers open access (see below) may opt to pay an open-access fee.

Open access

Database coverage

It is expected that the journal will be covered by all the main databases (e.g. MEDLINE, ISI etc.). Applications for coverage have been lodged.

Impact factor

Information on the impact factor of the journal will be posted on this page as soon as it becomes available. However, because of the way impact factors are calculated, it usually takes three years from the launch of a journal before an official ISI impact factor is assigned.

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