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Figure 5
(a) S0 to S1 and (b) S1 to S2 lattice rotation angle maps. The color scale is in degrees and the horizontal scale bar indicates 100 µm. Only lattice rotations ≤15° are shown for voxels in which both states have [{\cal C}\,\gt \,0.4]. Voxels with [{\cal C}\,\lt\, 0.4] are shown in white. (c) Inverse pole figure showing the rotation of the tensile axis, in the stereographic triangle, in local crystallographic coordinates, between states S1 and S2. Blue arrows show grain-averaged motions where `grains' are defined as connected regions with no orientation discontinuities ≥2°; these are roughly the regions of distinct color in Figs. 4[link](b) and 4[link](c). The radii of the blue circles indicate the relative areas of the respective grain cross sections; only the largest 20 cross sections are shown. Red arrows indicate motions of randomly selected individual voxels matched across states. (d) A selection of voxel-based arrows as in (c) plotted on the rotation angle map of (b) (here in gray scale). Arrow tails are placed at the relevant voxel positions.

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