Figure 2
A schematic view of the position-resolved XRD experiment carried out in transmission diffraction geometry using a monochromatic X-ray beam of 100 nm in diameter. The TiN coating on an Si(100) substrate (with a thickness L = 20 µm in the beam direction) was moved along the z axis with a step size of 100 nm, and diffraction data were collected using a CCD detector at a distance of 102 mm from the sample. The beam was aligned parallel to the sample interface using the [varphi]-axis movement. The TiN 111, 200 and 220 Debye-Scherrer rings represent diffraction from TiN crystallites. For a Debye-Scherrer ring, the diffraction vectors [{\bf{Q}}] are located on a bold line depicted schematically in the stereographic projection at the top. Note that for [\delta = 0], [\psi = \theta].  [article HTML]