Figure 11
(a) The full scattering profile from a crushed paracetamol tablet from 7 to 65° 2[theta], with sample rocking, collected in 6 × 10.75° 2[theta] static data captures of 1 min each. (b) The scattering profile collected at a radius of 240 mm, and collected in six 10 min captures using a 256-strip detector, giving a total collection time of 2.7 h. These are raw data, so smoothing would improve this further, as would longer collection times. (c) The full scattering profile from paracetamol, collected by Florence et al. (2005BB10), for precision structure determination, 10 s per 0.0145° step in 2[theta], equating to 10 h data collection time.  [article HTML]