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Accepted 29 September 2014

Developing WinXPRO - A Software for Determination of the Multipole-Model Based Properties of Crystals

A. I. Stash and V. G. Tsirelson

Synopsis: The new release of many-functional computer program package WinXPRO v.3x for determination of the electron-density based crystal properties from parameters of the multipole model is described.

Accepted 24 September 2014

Full-Field X-Ray Diffraction Microscopy using Polymeric Compound Refractive Lenses

J. Hilhorst, F. Marschall, T. N. Tran Thi, A. Last and T. U. Schülli

Accepted 14 September 2014

A novel neutron spin echo technique for measuring phonon linewidths using magnetic Wollaston prisms

F. Li and R. Pynn

Synopsis: A neutron spin echo spectrometer based on neutron magnetic Wollaston prism is introduced to measure the linewidth of dispersive phonon excitations over the entire Brillouin zone with [mu]eV resolution. By tuning the instrument electromagnetically, the linewidths of phonon excitations with high energy and large group velocity can be measured.

Accepted 11 September 2014

Structure and composition of bismuth telluride topological insulators grown by molecular beam epitaxy

H. Steiner, V. Volobuev, O. Caha, G. Bauer, G. Springholz and V. Holý

Synopsis: Epitaxial layers of topological insulators of Bi2Te{}_{{3-\delta}} grown by molecular-beam epitaxy are investigated by high-resolution X-ray diffraction.

Accepted 9 September 2014

Synthesis, growth mechanism and physical properties of vapour deposited GaTe platelets

A. G. Kunjomana, M. Teena and K. A. Chandrasekharan

Accepted 8 September 2014

Bayesian approach applied to the Rietveld method

M. Wiessner and P. Angerer

Synopsis: An innovative combination of the Rietveld method and the Bayes probability statistics is presented. The efficiency of the new approach is illustrated by high-temperature diffraction studies of certain phase transformation reactions in steel samples.

Accepted 7 September 2014

Reconstruction of local orientation in grains using a discrete representation of orientation space

N. Viganò, W. Ludwig and K. J. Batenburg

Accepted 7 September 2014

In situ small-angle X-ray scattering characterization of X-ray-induced local heating

M. Witala, J. Han, A. Menzel and K. Nygård

Synopsis: It is demonstrated that small-angle X-ray scattering from binary liquid mixtures close to the critical point allows straightforward in situ characterization of local X-ray beam heating of liquid samples.

Accepted 5 September 2014

Structural evolution during the graphitization of polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fiber as revealed by small-angle X-ray scattering

D. Li, C. Lu, G. Wu, J. Hao, Y. Yang, Z. Feng, X. Li, F. An and B. Zhang

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