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Accepted 11 February 2015

Determination of the melting and freezing transitions of Pb nanoparticles embedded in a PbO-B2O3-SnO2 glass by only using the SAXS method

G. Kellermann, A. Gorgeski, A. F. Craievich and L. A. Montoro

Accepted 9 February 2015

Simulation of X-ray diffraction profiles for bent anisotropic crystals

M. Sanchez del Rio, N. Perez-Bocanegra, X. Shi, V. Honkimäki and L. Zhang

Synopsis: The equations for simulating diffraction profiles and their implementation in computer code are presented for the cases of meridional and sagittal bent crystals using the multi-lamellar and Penning-Polder theories and including crystal anisotropy.

Accepted 9 February 2015

In situ characterization of [beta]'' precipitation in an Al-Mg-Si alloy by anisotropic small-angle neutron scattering on a single crystal

C. S. T. Chang, F. De Geuser and J. Banhart

Synopsis: The growth of [beta]'' precipitates during ageing of an Al-Mg-Si alloy is characterized in situ by small-angle neutron scattering on a single crystal. The length, diameter and number density of precipitates are measured.

Accepted 9 February 2015

Determination and mitigation of the uncertainty of neutron diffraction measurements of residual strain in large-grained polycrystalline material

T. M. Holden, Y. Traore, J. James, J. Kelleher and P. J. Bouchard

Accepted 8 February 2015

Problem of elastic anisotropy and stacking faults in stress analysis using multireflection grazing-incidence X-ray diffraction

M. Marciszko, A. Baczmanski, M. Wróbel, W. Seiler, C. Braham, S. Wronski and R. Wawszczak

Accepted 6 February 2015

Versatile sample environments and automation for biological solution X-ray scattering experiments at the P12 beamline (Petra-3, DESY)

C. E. Blanchet, A. Spilotros, F. Schwemmer, M. A. Graewert, A. Kikhney, C. M. Jeffries, D. Franke, D. Mark, R. Zengerle, F. Cipriani, S. Fiedler, M. Roessle and D. I. Svergun

Synopsis: An integrated environment for biological small-angle X-ray scattering (BioSAXS) at the high-brilliance P12 synchrotron beamline of the EMBL (DESY, Hamburg) allows for a broad range of solution scattering experiments. Automated hardware and software systems have been designed to ensure that data collection and processing are efficient, streamlined and user-friendly.

Accepted 4 February 2015

Crystallization dynamics and interface stability of strontium titanate thin films on silicon

F. Hanzig, J. Hanzig, E. Mehner, C. Richter, J. Veselý, H. Stöcker, B. Abendroth, M. Motylenko, V. Klemm, D. Novikov and D. C. Meyer

Synopsis: Nonstoichiometric SrTiO3 thin films were fabricated by different thin-film deposition methods. The impact on the oxide/silcon interface stability as well as the crystallization onset temperature is investigated.

Accepted 2 February 2015

GISAXS and TOF-GISANS studies on surface and depth morphology of self-organized TiO2 nanotube arrays: model anode material in Li-ion batteries

N. Paul, J. Brumbarov, A. Paul, Y. Chen, J.-F. Moulin, P. Müller-Buschbaum, J. Kunze-Liebhäuser and R. Gilles

Accepted 27 January 2015

Achieving grazing-incidence ultra-small-angle X-ray scattering in a laboratory setup

N. Zheng, Z. Yi, Z. Li, R. Chen, Y. Lai and Y. Men

Synopsis: High reciprocal spatial resolution grazing-incidence ultra-small-angle X-ray scattering measurements have been realized in a laboratory small-angle X-ray scattering setup via lengthening the distance between the collimation slit systems and the sample-to-detector distance.

Accepted 22 January 2015

A common theory of line broadening and rocking curves

G. Zilahi, T. Ungár and G. Tichy

Accepted 21 January 2015

Dislocation structure in different texture components determined by neutron diffraction line profile analysis in a highly textured Zircaloy-2 rolled plate

T. Ungár, T. M. Holden, B. Jóni, B. Clausen, L. Balogh, G. Csiszár and D. W. Brown

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