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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Journal of Applied Crystallography.

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Accepted 12 June 2019

Nanometre-Sized Droplets from a Gas Dynamic Virtual Nozzle

This work describes a method to characterize the size distribution of individual aqueous droplets in a high-density and poly disperse aerosol. We show that we can generate droplets smaller than 120 nm by purely mechanical means using a gas dynamic virtual nozzle and provide theoretical models for the different flow regimes investigated.

Accepted 6 June 2019

Air heated solid-gas reaction setup for in situ neutron powder diffraction

Neutron powder diffraction instrumentation for in situ investigated of solid-gas reactions. Demonstrated for exchange-spring magnet CoFe2O4/CoFe2.

Accepted 5 June 2019

The competition between cocrystallization and separated crystallization based on crystallization from solution

Because researchers do not understand the formation mechanism of cocrystal, the preparation of cocrystal is mostly trial-and-error. So this study focuses on the cocrystal formation mechanism to improve the efficiency of cocrystalpreparation..

Accepted 4 June 2019

High Resolution Phonon Energy Shift Measurements with Inelastic Neutron Spin Echo

A resolution of \lt\, 10\, \mu eV for the measurements of phonon energy change is achieved with the inelastic neutron spin echo technique on an otherwise conventional triple axis spectrometer.

Accepted 4 June 2019

Disorder in La1−xBa1+xGaO4−x/2 ionic conductor: resolving the pair distribution function through insight from first-principles modeling

Ba excess in LaBaGaO4 triggers ionic conductivity together with structural disorder. A direct correlation is found between the density functional theory model energy and the pair distribution function fit residual.

Accepted 28 May 2019

Usefulness of oils for cleaning host matrix and for cryoprotection of LCP crystals

Several oils were examined for use in the cleaning and cryoprotection of crystals in the lipidic cubic phase in terms of the crystal stability, the background scattering and the facilitation of the experiment.

Accepted 20 May 2019

py_convrot: Rotations conventions, to understand and to apply

The Python-based program py_convrot is a universal converter of rigid-body rotation parameters. The program interactively illustrates the action of various rotation parameters, and can be used both for teaching goals and for practical applications.

Accepted 20 May 2019

Significant texture improvement in single-crystalline-like materials on low-cost flexible metal foils through growth of silver thin films

Single-crystalline-like thin films composed of crystallographically aligned grains are a new prototype of 2D materials developed recently for low-cost and high-performance flexible electronics as well as second-generation high-temperature superconductors. In this work, significant texture improvement in single-crystalline-like materials is achieved through growth of a 330 nm-thick silver layer.

Accepted 20 May 2019

A novel methodology to study nanoporous alumina by small-angle neutron scattering

This work reports a novel methodology to extract quantitative information from small-angle neutron scattering measurements of nanoporous alumina.

Accepted 19 May 2019

Shape-fitting analyses of two-dimensional X-ray diffraction spots for strain-distribution evaluation in a β-FeSi2 nanofilm

New fitting analyses of two-dimensional diffraction-spot shapes are demonstrated to evaluate strain, strain distribution and domain size in a crystalline ultra-thin film. The evaluations are displayed as residual and population maps as a function of strain or domain size.

Accepted 6 May 2019

Protein crystal structure determination with the crystallophore, a nucleating and phasing agent

The unique nucleating and phasing capabilities of the crystallophore, Tb-Xo4, are illustrated through challenging cases.

Accepted 6 May 2019

ACMS: a database of alternate conformations found in the atoms of main and side chains of protein structures

An online knowledge base on the alternate conformations adopted by main-chain and side-chain atoms in protein structures solved by X-ray crystallography is described.

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