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Accepted 18 February 2020

In meso Crystallogenesis. Compatibility of the lipid cubic phase with the synthetic digitonin analog, glyco-diosgenin

The lipid cubic phase is compatible with the synthetic digitonin analog, GDN, over a considerable range of concentrations, indeed well beyond those likely to be encountered in typical membrane crystallization studies. Thus, based on its compatibility with the cubic phase, there is every reason to use GDN as a detergent for preparing membrane proteins that are subsequently subjected to in meso crystallogenesis.

Accepted 14 February 2020

Experimental determination of precision, resolution, accuracy and trueness of time-of-flight neutron diffraction strain measurements

Statiistical analysis of thermal lattice strains can be used to characterize the precision, resolution, accuracy and trueness of diffraction-based lattice strain measurements. These strains can also be used to check the alignment of the diffractometer.

Accepted 14 February 2020

Determination of the melting temperature of spherical nanoparticles in dilute solution as a function of their radius by exclusively using the SAXS technique

The dependence on radius of the melting temperature of dilute sets of spherical nanocrystals with wide radius distributions was determined by a novel procedure exclusively using results of SAXS measurements. The same procedure also allowed us to determine thermal expansion coefficients of nanoparticles in both, liquid and crystalline, phases

Accepted 10 February 2020

IMRPS: Inserted and Modified Residues in Protein Structures: A Database

An interactive database for identifying and displaying the inserted and modified residues present in the protein structures, available in the Protein Data Bank (PDB).

Accepted 10 February 2020

Effects of the crystallographic texture on the contractile strain ratio (CSR) of Ti-3Al-2.5V tubing

Based on the measurements of the CSR values and the textures of three thin-walled Ti-3 A l-2.5 V tubing samples, a quantitative method is proposed for exploring the correlation between the CSR values and the ODF data of the tubing samples.

Accepted 31 January 2020

Qu­antitative Phase Analysis of Slag Hydrating in an Alkaline Environment

A total intensity method for amorphous phase quantification, which allows for determining the mass fractions of amorphous components in an alkali-activated slag is presented. The method is applied for determining the unreacted slag in an alkali activated slag.

Accepted 30 January 2020

Robust surface structure analysis with reliable uncertainty estimation using the exchange Monte Carlo method

The exchange Monte Carlo method is implemented for analyses of surface X-ray scattering.

Accepted 29 January 2020

Effect of sample-preparation history on domain and crystal structure in a relaxor-ferroelectric single crystal

Phase transition during conventional sample preparation is investigated by a symmetry study.

Accepted 26 January 2020

High-temperature X-ray scattering studies of atomic layer deposited IrO2

The behaviour of IrO2 thin films during annealing in oxygen, nitro­gen, forming gas and vacuum was studied using in situ high-temperature X-ray diffraction and X-ray reflectivity, and ex situ scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy.

Accepted 20 January 2020

Manual measurement of angles in backscattered and transmission Kikuchi diffraction patterns

Procedures are demonstrated which enable a manual determination of the angles between lattice planes and directions from electron backscatter diffraction patterns of unknown phases. The determination of the projection centre is described for cases where it is unknown.

Accepted 7 January 2020

The Whats of a Scientific Life

Book review.

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