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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Journal of Applied Crystallography.

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Accepted 18 June 2017

Accepted 14 June 2017

Characterization of AIIIbV Superlattices by means of Synchrotron Diffraction Topography and High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction

New characterization possibilities of the superlattices by means of section diffraction topography and high resolution diffraction are presented.

Accepted 12 June 2017

A Peltier-cooled Microscope Stage for Protein Crystal Post-crystallization Treatment

A Peltier-cooled microscope stage is described, as well as its successful application to improving the diffraction quality of crystals of a multienzyme complex by slow cooling.

Accepted 21 May 2017

Grazing-incidence small-angle neutron scattering from structures below an interface

Calculations of intensity in grazing-incidence small-angle neutron scattering are made for colloidal structures near a solid/liquid interface.

Accepted 17 May 2017

Solving proteins at non-atomic resolution by direct methods: update

A phase refinement procedure for ab initio structure solution with heavy atoms is described.

Accepted 17 May 2017

The nucleation of protein crystals as a race against time with on and off pathways

Concurrent aggregation pathways competing with crystal nucleation deplete the concentration of soluble protein by the sequential formation of small-order oligomers and metastable clusters. Off-pathway aggregates also have positive effects on protein crystallization by favoring heterogeneous nucleation.

Accepted 17 May 2017

How to assign a (3 + 1)-dimensional superspace group to an incommensurately modulated biological macromolecular crystal

(3 + 1)-dimensional superspace groups are explained for incommensurately modulated macromolecular crystals with an example.

Accepted 16 May 2017

Grain-growth engineering and mechanical properties of physical-vapour-deposited InSe platelets

The development of novel hexagonal microstructure of indium monoselenide (InSe) platelet crystals grown by physical vapour deposition has been elucidated for the first time. The investigations on grain boundary morphology, energy gap and strengthening of the vapour-grown crystals which resulted from the careful control of the microstructure provide pathways to realize superior crystals for the fabrication of solar cell devices compared to their counterparts synthesized by other methods.

Accepted 5 May 2017

More features, more tools, more CrysTBox

CrysTBox is a suite of four tools for automated quantitative analysis of transmission electron microscope images and two crystallographic visualization tools. The recent development of this freely available package is described.

Accepted 4 May 2017

Expanding Lorentz and spectrum corrections to large volumes of reciprocal space for single-crystal time-of-flight neutron diffraction. Corrigendum

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