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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Journal of Applied Crystallography.

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Accepted 2 August 2017

An indexing algorithm independent of peak position extraction for X-ray powder diffraction patterns

Lp-Search is an X-ray powder diffraction algorithm that is independent of peak position extraction and instead directly uses the observed data. It requires limited input parameters and should be useful for indexing problems where peak intensity extraction is difficult due to peak overlap.

Accepted 31 July 2017

A capillary specimen aberration for describing X-ray powder diffraction line profiles for convergent, divergent and parallel beam geometries

A description of peak shapes, peak intensities and peak shifts from a capillary specimen have been developed for use in X-ray powder diffraction from a fundamental parameters perspective. The capillary diameter, specimen linear absorption coefficients and focal length of the X-ray beam can be refined in a Rietveld refinement sense.

Accepted 27 July 2017

Effect of the weather conditions during solution preparation on lysozyme crystallization

The weather parameters during crystallization solution preparation, including the ambient temperature, humidity, pressure and particulate matter in the air, can all affect protein crystallization. Among the parameters investigated in this study, humidity showed the strongest effect on lysozyme crystallization. The results suggest that the weather conditions during the preparation of a crystallization experiment should be considered as a potential factor that can influence protein crystallization.

Accepted 26 July 2017

X-ray diffraction microscopy based on refractive optics

A formalism for dark-field X-ray microscopy is presented and validated. The coupled resolution function in direct and reciprocal space is derived and space-filling sampling approaches are described.

Accepted 14 July 2017

Expected values and variances of Bragg peak intensities measured in a nanocrystalline powder diffraction experiment

A rigorous analysis of sampling and intensity statistics for a powder diffraction experiment over a range of nanocrystallite sizes is presented.

Accepted 4 May 2017

Expanding Lorentz and spectrum corrections to large volumes of reciprocal space for single-crystal time-of-flight neutron diffraction. Corrigendum

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