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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Journal of Applied Crystallography.

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Accepted 2 October 2014

Time-of-flight neutron powder diffraction with milligram samples: the crystal structures of NaCoF3 and NaNiF3 post-perovskites

A. Lindsay-Scott, D. Dobson, F. Nestola, M. Alvaro, N. Casati, C. Liebske, R. Smith, K. S. Knight, R. I. Smith and I. G. Wood

Accepted 29 September 2014

Developing WinXPRO - A Software for Determination of the Multipole-Model Based Properties of Crystals

A. I. Stash and V. G. Tsirelson

Synopsis: The new release of many-functional computer program package WinXPRO v.3x for determination of the electron-density based crystal properties from parameters of the multipole model is described.

Accepted 24 September 2014

Full-field X-ray diffraction microscopy using polymeric compound refractive lenses

J. Hilhorst, F. Marschall, T. N. Tran Thi, A. Last and T. U. Schülli

Accepted 24 September 2014

Evidence for cooling-rate dependent icosahedral short-range order in a Cu-Zr-Al metallic glass

H. Hermann, U. Kühn, H. Wendrock, V. Kokotin and B. Schwarz

Synopsis: X-ray diffraction and analysis of computer simulated models are combined to study the dependence of presumed icosahedral order in a Cu-Zr-Al glass on the cooling rate at which the glasses are prepared. Significant correlations between of the fraction of icosahedral clusters and the applied cooling rate are reflected by changes of the total structure factor both for the simulated and the experimentally prepared systems.

Accepted 11 September 2014

Structure and composition of bismuth telluride topological insulators grown by molecular beam epitaxy

H. Steiner, V. Volobuev, O. Caha, G. Bauer, G. Springholz and V. Holý

Synopsis: Epitaxial layers of topological insulators of Bi2Te{}_{{3-\delta}} grown by molecular-beam epitaxy are investigated by high-resolution X-ray diffraction.

Accepted 10 September 2014

Generalization of the Fedorova-Schmidt method for determining particle size distributions

S. Ciccariello

Synopsis: This article reports the integral transform that determines the particle size distribution from the small-angle scattering intensity under the assumption that the particle correlation function is a polynomial.

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