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Accepted 17 May 2017

The nucleation of protein crystals as a race against time with on- and off-pathways

Concurrent aggregation pathways competing with crystal nucleation deplete the concentration of soluble protein by the sequential formation of small-order oligomers and metastable clusters. Off-pathway aggregates also have positive effects on protein crystallization by favoring heterogeneous nucleation.

Accepted 16 May 2017

Grain growth engineering and mechanical properties of physical vapour deposited InSe platelets

The successive development of novel hexagonal microstructure of indium monoselenide (InSe) platelet crystals grown by physical vapor deposition has been elucidated for the first time. The investigations on grain boundary morphology, energy gap and strengthening of the vapor grown crystals which arose due to proper control on microstructures provide pathways to realize their superiority for the fabrication of solar cell devices compared to their counterparts synthesized by other methods.

Accepted 15 May 2017

X-ray topography of subsurface crystal layers

The practical application of the modified Berg–Barrett topographic method in a skew asymmetric pattern of X-ray diffraction is presented. The method is used for the study of the defect structure of Ge and CdTe crystals, InSb/InSb films, and Cd1−xHgxTe/CdTe epitaxial layers after the influence of different external factors (ion implantation, etching, chemical and mechanical treatment).

Accepted 13 May 2017

On some aspects of crystallization process energetics, logistic new-phase nucleation kinetics, crystal size distribution, Ostwald ripening

An intriguing analogy between crystallization process and harmonic oscillation is established. It is argued that the crystallizing system responds to the change in its energetic status according to the well-known Le Châtelier – Braun principle.

Accepted 11 May 2017

Optically Induced Nanostructures. Biomedical and Technical Applications

Accepted 5 May 2017

More features, more tools, more CrysTBox

CrysTBox is a suite of four tools for automated quantitative analysis of TEM images and two crystallographic visualization tools. Recent development of this freely available package is described.

Accepted 5 May 2017

In situ TEM study of the thermally induced formation of δ'- ZrO in pure Zr and Zr based alloy

Accepted 4 May 2017

3D-printed jars for ball-milling experiments monitored in situ by X-ray powder diffraction

Accepted 4 May 2017

Expanding Lorentz and spectrum corrections to large volumes of reciprocal space for single-crystal time-of-flight neutron diffraction. Corrigendum

Accepted 2 May 2017

Structure diagnostics of heterostructures and multi-layered systems by X-ray multiple diffraction

Opportunities of multi-beam X-ray diffraction are demonstrated for determination of lattice strains in heterostructures and multi-layered systems.

Accepted 2 May 2017

Pattern Decomposition for residual stress analysis – A generalization under consideration of elastic anisotropy and extension on higher symmetry Laue classes

Decomposition of multiphase diffraction patterns with respect to residual stress implementing the effects of elastic anisotropy.

Accepted 29 April 2017

An in situ USAXS–SAXS–WAXS study of precipitate size distribution evolution in a model Ni-based alloy

Combined ultra-small-, small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering (USAXS–SAXS–WAXS) provides in situ evaluation of the precipitate size distribution (PSD) and phase structure temporal evolution during heat treatment. A method for extraction of an arbitrary PSD in the presence of interparticle interactions is described and illustrated for study of PSD evolution.

Accepted 25 April 2017

Intercalated water in multi-layered graphene oxide paper: an X-ray scattering study

Accepted 24 April 2017

A microcontroller for in situ single-crystal diffraction measurements with PILATUS-2M detector under an alternating electric field

We propose a new data acquisition system for in situ single-crystal diffraction with a pixel area detector under an alternating electric field.

Accepted 19 April 2017

Serial electron crystallography: merging diffraction data through rank aggregation

Rank aggregation is used as an alternative approach for merging serial electron crystallography data. The described algorithm avoids the problem of scaling entirely and is insensitive to errors in the reflection intensities.

Accepted 18 April 2017

Direct protein crystallization on ultrathin membranes for diffraction measurements at X-ray free-electron lasers

In situ protein crystallization on highly X-ray transparent nanomembranes is described and an application is outlined for the collection of diffraction data at free-electron lasers.

Accepted 13 April 2017

Scattering from surface fractals in terms of composing mass fractals

The scattering properties of surface fractals are studied by means of their decomposition into a sum of mass fractals.

Accepted 12 April 2017

Single-shot full strain tensor determination with microbeam X-ray Laue diffraction and a two-dimensional energy-dispersive detector

By simultaneously measuring changes in energy and reflection angle of Laue spots with respect to a reference position, it is possible to measure all lattice parameters of a unit cell and calculate the full strain/stress tensors in a single-shot experiment with high spatial resolution.

Accepted 12 April 2017

CrystalWalk: crystal structures, step by step

CrystalWalk is a crystal editor and visualization software designed for teaching materials science and engineering. Based on WebGL/HTML5, it provides an accessible and interactive platform to students, teachers and researchers.

Accepted 10 April 2017

Instrumental resolution as a function of scattering angle and wavelength as exemplified for the POWGEN instrument

A fundamental description of the instrument resolution file is elaborated for the angular- and wavelength-dispersive cases of Rietveld refinement, exemplified for the POWGEN instrument. It is shown how to refine the necessary profile function parameters from a dataset measured on a diamond reference sample. The analysis is performed in a two-dimensional refinement space based on convenient variables d and d.

Accepted 10 April 2017

Crystallographic texture of straight-rolled α-uranium foils via neutron and x-ray diffraction

The bulk and surface textures of recrystallized straight-rolled α-uranium foils are established by neutron and X-ray diffraction and discussed relative to the existing literature on α-uranium processing textures.

Accepted 3 April 2017

Interface-sensitive imaging by an image reconstruction aided X-ray reflectivity technique

This article describes interface-sensitive imaging of heterogeneous thin films by an image reconstruction aided X-ray reflectivity technique with an 8 mm-wide parallel beam; the possibility of extracting micro-X-ray reflectivity profiles from the same data collection is discussed.

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