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Accepted 2 December 2014

Use of radial symmetry for the calculation of cylindrical absorption coefficients and optimal capillary loadings

P. Khalifah

Synopsis: Methods for numerically evaluating cylindrical absorption corrections which fully utilize radial symmetry to simplify distance calculations are presented. An analysis of the resulting data suggests that the best quality transmission diffraction data will generally be obtained when strongly absorbing samples are diluted by a factor of F = (4/3)[mu]R in a maximal radius capillary.

Accepted 1 December 2014

Modeling pair distribution functions (PDF) of organic compounds: describing both intra- and intermolecular correlation functions in calculated PDFs

D. Prill, P. Juhás, M. U. Schmidt and S. J. L. Billinge

Synopsis: A new method has been developed for calculating pair distribution functions (PDFs) of organic compounds. The approach distinguishes between intra- and intermolecular atom-atom distances and results in an improved fit to the experimental PDF curves.

Accepted 29 November 2014

Design study of a Laue lens for nuclear medicine

G. Paternò, V. Bellucci, R. Camattari and V. Guidi

Synopsis: A detailed design study for the employment of a Laue lens in nuclear medicine is presented. The study facilitates a thorough understanding about how each system parameter affects the efficiency, the resolution and the field of view of the lens. The study has been carried out both analytically and through simulations performed with a custom-made Monte Carlo code.

Accepted 27 November 2014

Towards multi-order hard X-ray imaging with multilayer zone plates

M. Osterhoff, C. Eberl, F. Döring, R. N. Wilke, J. Wallentin, H.-U. Krebs, M. Sprung and T. Salditt

Synopsis: Multilayer zone plates can be used for holographic imaging without an order-sorting aperture.

Accepted 27 November 2014

Structural and microstructural interpretations of Zn-doped biocompatible bone-like carbonated hydroxyapatite synthesized by mechanical alloying

S. Lala, M. Ghosh, P. K. Das, D. Das, T. Kar and S. K. Pradhan

Accepted 26 November 2014

Determining the Bravais lattice using a single electron backscatter diffraction pattern

L. Li and M. Han

Accepted 26 November 2014

EBSD analysis of rhombohedral twinning in hematite crystals of naturally deformed iron formations

C. F. Ávila, L. Lagoeiro, P. F. Ferreira Barbosa and L. Graça

Synopsis: An EBSD-based crystallographic technique for determination of angle-axis pairs of misorientation for twinning is developed and applied to rhombohedral twinning in hematite and yielded 85° <02{\overline 2}1> as an alternative symmetry description.

Accepted 26 November 2014

Investigating time-of-flight spin-echo modulation for small-angle neutron scattering through experiments and simulation

M. Sales, J. Plomp, K. Habicht and M. Strobl

Synopsis: A comparison between an experimental setup and simulations of a spin-echo-modulated small-angle neutron scattering instrument reveals important information on how to obtain the highest contrast by fulfilling the spin-echo condition.

Accepted 26 November 2014

Computing stoichiometric molecular composition from crystal structures

S. Grazulis, A. Merkys, A. Vaitkus and M. Okulic-Kazarinas

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