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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Acta Crystallographica Section A: Foundations and Advances.

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Accepted 22 September 2020

Spiral tetrahedral packing in the β-Mn crystal as symmetry realization of the 8D E8 lattice

The 2D projection of all atomic positions in the β-Mn unit cells shows that they are situated on three circumferences containing 2D projections of 90 vertices of the {3, 3, 5} polytope on the same plane. The exhaustive description of the non-crystallographic symmetry of the β-Mn crystal has been achieved by using the 8D E8 lattice in which both the 4D {3, 3, 5} polytope and cubic 6D B6 lattice can be inserted.

Accepted 21 September 2020

Indexing of diffraction patterns for determination of crystal orientations

A general approach to indexing of diffraction patterns originating from crystals of known structures is presented. Example algorithms are shown to be applicable to patterns of various types, e.g., Kikuchi patterns, Kossel patterns or Laue patterns.

Accepted 21 September 2020

Isogonal non-crystallographic periodic graphs based on knotted sodalite cages

Knotted and linked zeolite framework types, based on the sodalite cage (truncated octahedron), are described. Such structures exhibit non-crystallographic symmetry.

Accepted 25 August 2020

Embedding parallelo­hedra into primitive cubic networks and structural automata description

It is proved that any parallelo­hedron P as well as tiling by P, except the rhombic dodeca­hedron, can be embedded into the 3D pcu net. It is proved that for the rhombic dodeca­hedron, embedding into the 3D pcu net does not exist; however, embedding into the 4D pcu net does exist. For each parallelo­hedron the deterministic finite automaton is developed which models the growth of the crystalline structure with the same combinatorial type as the given parallelo­hedron.

Accepted 11 August 2020

Electron image contrast analysis of mosaicity in rutile nanocrystals using direct electron detection

High-resolution electron microscopy image contrast obtained from a rutile nanocrystal using direct electron detection is quantified and interpreted based on a model of mosaic crystals.

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