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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Acta Crystallographica Section A: Foundations and Advances.

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Accepted 30 October 2023

Realizations of crystal nets. I. (Generalized) derived graphs

A crystal net derived from a voltage graph is realized by successively generating its edges and vertices.

Accepted 30 October 2023

Periodic diffraction from an aperiodic monohedral tiling

The diffraction pattern from the quasicrystalline `hat monotile' is periodic with sixfold chiral symmetry, p6. Triangular patches of discrete satellite reflections appear near the 2/3 2/3 hexagonal reciprocal-lattice locations.

Accepted 24 October 2023

Deep learning applications in protein crystallography

Deep learning applications are increasingly dominating many areas of science. This paper reviews their relevance for and impact on protein crystallography.

Accepted 19 October 2023

Permissible domain walls in monoclinic MAB ferroelectric phases

All the possibilities for permissible (mismatch-free) walls between monoclinic domains of pseudocubic ferroic perovskites are analyzed. Analytical expressions are derived for the orientation of such walls, the orientation relationship between the lattice vectors and the separation between Bragg peaks diffracted from matched domains.

Accepted 11 October 2023

Symmetry groups of two-way twofold and three-way threefold fabrics

The symmetry groups of two-way twofold fabrics and three-way threefold fabrics are derived, including geometric representations of all possible layer symmetry group structures. A method to arrive at a two-way twofold fabric or a three-way threefold fabric with a given symmetry group type is discussed, using tools in color symmetry theory.

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