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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Acta Crystallographica Section C: Structural Chemistry.

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Accepted 27 May 2020

Fourfold alkyl wrapping of a copper(II) por­phy­rin thwarts macrocycle π–π stacking in a com­pact supra­molecular package

In the structure of {10,20-bis­[2,6-bis­(oct­yloxy)phen­yl]-5,15-di­bromo­porphinato}copper(II), the appended oct­yloxy groups project over both faces of the por­phy­rin in a self-wrapped assembly.

Accepted 26 May 2020

Reactivity trends of cobalt(III) com­plexes towards various amino acids based on the properties of the amino acid alkyl chains

Reactivity studies of [CoCl2(tren)]Cl and [CoCl2(trien)]Cl towards different amino acids indicate a stronger reactivity and thus greater affinity for cobalt(III) com­plexes towards basic amino acids.

Accepted 19 May 2020

Tracking the dissolution–recrystallization structural transformation (DRST) of copper(II) com­plexes: a combined crystallographic, mass spectrometric and DFT study

Methanol- and temperature-induced dissolution–recrystallization structural transformation (DRST) was observed among two novel CuII com­plexes. This is first time that the combination of X-ray crystallography, mass spectrometry and density functional theory (DFT) theoretical calculations has been used to describe the fragmentation and recombination of a mononuclear CuII com­plex at 60 °C in methanol to obtain a binuclear copper(II) com­plex.

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