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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Acta Crystallographica Section C: Structural Chemistry.

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Accepted 20 June 2019

Structural changes in three manno­pyran­oses with varying degrees of acetyl­ation

The structural changes in three manno­pyran­ose compounds with varying degrees of acetyl­ation are compared. In general, O-acetyl­ation exerts little effect on the exo- and endocyclic C—C and endocyclic C—O bond lengths, but the exocyclic C—O bonds involved in O-acetyl­ation are lengthened by ∼0.02 Å.

Accepted 18 June 2019

Differences and similarities among hypoxanthinium nitrate hydrate structures

The structures of three hypoxanthinium nitrate hydrates are discusssed. The data were collected at five different temperatures, including liquid-helium temperature.

Accepted 18 June 2019

Synthesis, crystal structure and biological properties of Cd and Zn coordination polymers based on a flexible tripodal ligand

Two isostructural CdII/ZnII coordination polymers containing a flexible tripodal ligand were synthesized and characterized. The anti­oxidant activities against DPPH and the anti­diabetic activities against α-amylase were evaluated in vitro.

Accepted 13 June 2019

Crystal structure and pseudosymmetry analysis of the triclinic prodrug cloxazolam (Z′ = 4)

There are four independent mol­ecules in the P\overline{1} asymmetric unit of cloxazolam, related by a striking pseudosymmetry. The identical mol­ecules consist of four rings linked in a rather rigid fashion. Even in the absence of strong hydrogen-bond inter­actions, the structure presents an unusual compactness (Kitaigorodskii packing index ≃ 0.71).

Accepted 12 June 2019

Coordination polymers of CdII and PbII derived from bi­pyridine–glycoluril ligand: influence of metal-ion size and counter-ions

CdII and PbII coordination polymers have been synthesized using a bi­pyridine–glycoluril (BPG) ligand. A comparative analysis of the structures with different metal ions based on the BPG ligand and the influence of the metal-ion size and counter-ions on the formation of the diverse structures has been explored.

Accepted 12 June 2019

The heteroscorpionate ligand 2,2-bis­(3,5-di­methyl­pyrazol-1-yl)-1,1-di­phenyl­ethanol and an easy preparation of its tungsten complex

A simple and straightforward synthesis of a heteroscorpionate tungsten complex has been developed. The crystal structures of the tungsten complex and the heteroscorpionate mol­ecule have been analysed.

Accepted 12 June 2019

A new three-dimensional cobalt(II) coordination polymer based on V-shaped 3,4′-oxydibenzoate: synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic properties

A new coordination polymer formulated as [Co(3,4′-obb)(4,4′-bipy)]n (3,4′-obb2− is 3,4′-oxydibenzoate and 4,4′-bipy is 4,4′-bi­pyridine) was prepared by the self-assembly of Co(NO3)2·6H2O with the rarely used 3,4′-obbH2 ligand and 4,4′-bipy under solvothermal conditions, and has been structurally characterized by elemental analysis, IR spectroscopy, single-crystal X-ray crystallography and powder X-ray diffraction.

Accepted 31 May 2019

A simple graphical method to pinpoint local pseudosymmetries in Z′ > 1 cases

An intuitive method is presented for detecting pseudosymmetries in Z′ > 1 cases as a complement to well-proven strategies already available in the literature. It is based on the simple idea that the mid-points between equivalent atoms in symmetrically related mol­ecules are disposed according to simple well-known patterns, which are easily recognizable by optical inspection.

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