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Figure 1 Mol­ecular view of the complex showing the atomic numbering and some N—H⋯Cl, O—H⋯Cl and O—H⋯O hydrogen bonds as dotted lines. Displacement ellipsoids are displayed at the 50% probability level. Symmetry code: a: (x − 1, y, z), b: (x, y, 1 + z), c: (1-x, [{1\over 2}] + y, 1-z), d: (1 + x, y, z), e: (1-x, [{1\over 2}] + y, −z), f: (−x, [{1\over 2}] + y, −z), g: (x, y, z − 1), h: (−x, y[{1\over 2}], −z) and i: (1-x, y[{1\over 2}], −z).

ISSN: 2056-9890
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