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Figure 3
Parts of the crystal structure of 2 viewed (a) down [1[\overline{1}]0], showing N—H⋯O hydrogen-bonded tapes extending in the [101] direction, and (b) towards the plane (001), showing short C—H⋯O contacts in addition to classical N—H⋯O hydrogen bonds (both represented by dashed lines). The number after the underscore indicate unique mol­ecule 1 or 2 (Fig. 2[link]). The minor disorder part of the tri­fluoro­methyl group in mol­ecule 2 and carbon-bound hydrogen atoms are omitted for clarity in (a). Symmetry codes: (i) −x + 2, −y + 1; (ii) −x + 1, −y + 1, -z; (iii) x + 1, y, z; (iv) x − 1, y, z.

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