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Figure 1
(a) Overall superposition of the Cα traces from the SARS-CoV Mpro monomer present in our asymmetric unit (coloured red, PDB code 2c3s ) with the active monomer A of Yang et al. (2003BB15) (shown in blue, PDB code 1uj1 , chain A). A residual rotation of 4.5° is needed to then bring the two equivalent monomers B into coincidence. The active-site residues of each monomer are represented as sticks. (b) Detailed view of the active site represented as green sticks (2c3s , this work) superimposed onto the active monomer A of SARS-CoV Mpro (1uj1 , chain A). The putative hydrogen bonds (dashed lines) formed by the spatially conserved water molecule (red sphere) are shown.

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