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Figure 1
Crystal structure of NE1406 from N. europaea. (a) Stereo ribbon diagram of the NE1406 monomer (chain A) color-coded from the N-terminus (blue) to the C-terminus (red). Helices H1–H3 and β-strands β1–β23 are indicated. (b) Diagram showing the secondary-structure elements of NE1406 (chain A) superimposed on its sequence. The labeling of secondary-structure elements is in accord with PDBsum ( ), where α-helices are sequentially labeled (H1, H2, H3 etc.), β-strands are labeled (A, B, C etc.) according to the β-sheets to which they are assigned, β-turns and γ-turns are designated by Greek letters (β, γ) and β-hairpins by red loops. For NE1406, the 310-helices (H1–H3), β-strands in β-sheets (A and B, comprising strands β1–β13 and β14–β23, respectively ), β-turns (β) and γ-turns (γ) are indicated. Dashed lines indicate sections of sequence in the construct that are not modeled in the structure.

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