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Figure 6
Comparison of gating-loop regions from different GSAM structures. The gating loops from subunit A of AtGSA1 (PDB entry 5hdm), B. subtilis GSAM (PDB entry 3bs8) and Synechococcus GSAM in the double-PMP form (PDB entry 2hoz) and the PMP/PLP form (PDB enyry 2hp2) are shown in magenta, cyan, yellow and salmon, respectively. Conserved residues corresponding to Gly163, Ser164, Gly165, Glu148 and Thr187 from AtGSA1 are indicated by single-letter residue codes. Hydrogen bonds involved in gating-loop fixation are depicted as dotted lines.

ISSN: 2053-230X
Volume 72| Part 6| June 2016| Pages 448-456
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