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Figure 2
The crystal structure of holo Ck ZnuA. (a) The lattice of the Ck ZnuA crystals. The protein is shown in ribbon form with one asymmetric unit shown in green and the remaining three in gray. TEW is shown as red spheres. (b) TEW binding site showing TEW as sticks colored according to element (oxygen, red; tungsten, blue; tellurium, orange) and Lys91 from each of four symmetry-related protein molecules as sticks. 2FoFc electron density is shown as a blue mesh contoured at 1.0σ. (c) Whole protein shown as a ribbon diagram with the NTD in light green, the linker helix in dark green and the CTD in medium green, with zinc shown as a small gray sphere and ligands shown as sticks colored by element. (d) The zinc-binding site showing 2FoFc electron density contoured at 1.5σ, (e) an anomalous difference map contoured at 3.0σ and (f) zinc–ligand distances in Å.

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