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Accepted 11 August 2019

High-resolution SAXS Setup with Tuneable Resolution in Direct and Reciprocal Space: a New Tool to Study Ordered Nanostructures

High-resolution small-angle X-ray scattering setup based on refractive optics and a variable sample position allows one to achieve tuneable resolution in the direct and reciprocal space. This setup is designed for the study of structural ordering on nano- and micro- scales simultaneously.

Accepted 10 August 2019

Rietveld Refinement Practical Powder Diffraction Pattern Analysis using TOPAS. By Robert E. Dinnebier, Andreas Leineweber, John S. O. Evans. De Gruyter, 2019. Pp. 331. Price (paperback) 69.95, $80.99, £63.50. ISBN 978-3-11-045621-9, e-ISBN (PDF) 978-3-11-046138-1.


Accepted 30 July 2019

Unravelling the strain relaxation processes in silicon nanowires arrays by X-ray diffraction Unravelling the strain relaxation processes in silicon nanowires arrays by X-ray diffraction Unravelling the strain relaxation processes in silicon nanowires arrays by X-ray diffraction

A major problem in characterizing the strain in non-planar structures is to resolve in a standard framework the interplay between the different contributions. In this article, we report an efficient, non-destructive X-ray laboratory formalism that allows a good control of the local examination, providing the strain mapping along the nanowires' length and a quantitative description of the energy transfer inside of the nanowires array, as well as an estimation of the emerged structural defect densities.

Accepted 26 July 2019

Development of spin-contrast-variation neutron reflectometry for the structural analysis of multilayer films

Reflectivity curves of the polarized neutrons remarkably vary as a function of proton polarization of film samples. We demonstrated that detailed structural information of each surface and interface of multilayer film samples can be obtained from these proton-polarization-dependent multiple reflectivity curves.

Accepted 25 July 2019

Alignment of sample position and rotation during in situ synchrotron X-ray micro-diffraction experiments using a Laue cross-correlation approach

A method is described for maintaining sample alignment to a high accuracy during in situ X-ray synchrotron investigations involving 3D mapping of crystal orientations, and application of the method to in situ deformation of samples of fine grain-size aluminium is described.

Accepted 19 July 2019

3D printed droplet generation devices for serial femtosecond crystallography enabled by surface coating

This work has developed, characterized and tested coating procedures for 3D printed droplet generators and also demonstrates sample injection in serial femtosecond crystallography with X-ray free-electron lasers to reduce the vast amount of sample wasted in these crystallography applications.

Accepted 18 July 2019

A comparison of gas stream cooling and plunge cooling of macromolecular crystals

Gas stream cooling at 100 K is found to yield lower mosaicity than plunge cooling into liquid nitro­gen at 77 K for several different protein crystals.

Accepted 17 July 2019

Single-crystal time-of-flight neutron Laue methods: application to manganese catalase from Thermus thermophilus HB27

Time-of-flight neutron diffraction of a manganese catalase cubic crystal with a = 133 Å was successfully performed using the IBARAKI biological crystal diffractometer.

Accepted 15 July 2019

Effects of annealing parameters on residual stress and piezoelectric performance of ZnO thin films studied by X-ray diffraction and atomic force microscopy

The residual stress and piezoelectric performance of ZnO thin films under different annealing parameters are investigated. The amplitudes of the sample vibrations at different frequencies are measured by a pressure electron microscope.

Accepted 12 July 2019

Recent developments in the Inorganic Crystal Structure Database: theoretical crystal structure data and related features

The article discusses how theoretical crystal data are supplementing experimental data for simulation and prediction of structures of inorganic solids in the Inorganic Crystal Structure Database.

Accepted 2 July 2019

Shock-wave-induced nucleation leading to crystallization in water

Shock-wave-induced crystallization in water samples is reported and the mechanism is discussed. The technique provides an alternative method of understanding the crystallization behaviours of different liquids and solid materials, and it can be used as a water purification method.

Accepted 1 July 2019

Crystallography at the nanoscale: planar defects in ZnO nanospikes

A cross-section analysis is presented of defects in ZnO nanospikes, investigated by means of transmission electron microscopy and defect simulation.

Accepted 29 June 2019

Crystal structure of Mo-substituted lanthanum tungstate La5.4W1−yMoyO12−δ (0 ≤ y ≤ 0.2) studied by X-ray and neutron diffraction

This work describes in detail the crystal structure determination of Mo-substituted lanthanum tungstates through neutron diffraction and high-resolution X-ray diffraction as a function of temperature between T = 10 K and T = 298 K. Combined X-ray and neutron-diffraction refinements and electron-probe micro-analysis were employed to locate Mo atoms in the crystal structure of La5.4W1−yMoyO12−δ (0 ≤ y ≤ 0.2).

Accepted 29 June 2019

Correlative vibrational spectroscopy and 2D X-ray diffraction to probe the mineralization of bone in phosphate-deficient mice

2D X-ray diffraction and vibrational spectroscopy are used to follow changes in bone remodelling due to different health conditions (pregnancy, lactation) and bone pathologies (phosphate deficiency) in mice.

Accepted 25 June 2019

Denoising of crystal orientation maps

This paper compares several well known methods for denoising orientation data with methods adapted from mathematical image analysis.

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