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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Journal of Applied Crystallography.

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Accepted 3 December 2023

Fast nanoscale imaging of strain in a multi-segment heterostructured nanowire with 2D Bragg ptychography

A strained heterostructured nanowire is investigated using 2D Bragg ptychography and scanning XRD

Accepted 29 November 2023

ProLEED Studio: software for modeling low-energy electron diffraction patterns

ProLEED Studio is software designed for simple, intuitive and precise modeling of low-energy electron diffraction patterns.

Accepted 27 November 2023

Fast Radon transforms for high-precision EBSD orientation determination using PyEBSDIndex

A novel method is described for indexing electron backscattered diffraction patterns that is significantly more accurate and faster than traditional indexing methods.

Accepted 18 November 2023

A TEM study of the crystallographic characteristics of magnetite needles in plagioclase: role of the quasi-close-packed oxygen sublattice in plagioclase structure

This work establishes: (i) the detailed COR [crystallographic orientation relationships] spectra of magnetite in plagioclase, (ii) a novel structural principle generally applicable to the optimal structure matching between plagioclase and other silicates/oxides, and (iii) realistic nucleation and growth models for magnetite in plagioclase.

Accepted 16 November 2023

POMFinder: Identifying polyoxometallate cluster structures from pair distribution function data using explainable machine learning

Machine learning is used to analyse pair distribution functions obtained from polyoxometallate clusters. The new classifier POMFinder can rapidly screen a database of structures and identify which model is most suitable for describing the experimental data.

Accepted 15 November 2023

Van Vleck analysis of angularly distorted octahedra using VanVleckCalculator

A method and associated Python script, VanVleckCalculator, are described for parameterizing octahedral shear and first-order Jahn–Teller distortions in crystal structures.

Accepted 2 November 2023

An electropneumatic cleaning device for piezo-actuator-driven picolitre-droplet dispensers

A device for automated cleaning of piezo-actuator-driven picolitre-droplet dispensers required for the liquid application method for time-resolved analyses (LAMA) is presented.

Accepted 20 September 2023

FlɛX: a computer vision program to evaluate strain in flexible crystals

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