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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Journal of Applied Crystallography.

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Accepted 21 May 2023

Mix-and-extrude: high-viscosity sample injection towards time-resolved protein crystallography

3D printed mixing-HVE devices address time-resolved membrane protein crystallography challenges via compact dual-flow LCP injection.

Accepted 17 May 2023

Implication of the double-gating mode in hybrid photon counting detector for measurements of transient heat conduction in GaAs/AlAs superlattice structures

Use of double-gating mode implemented on the modern hybrid photon counting system EIGER2 helps to supress the influence of beam fluctuations in pump–probe experiments at synchrotron radiation facilities and provide better data quality.

Accepted 17 May 2023

Bragg coherent diffraction imaging with the CITIUS charge-integrating detector

Three-dimensional Bragg coherent diffraction imaging with the CITIUS charge-integrating detector is demonstrated.

Accepted 10 May 2023

Robust phase determination in complex solid solutions using diffuse multiple scattering

A new fingerprinting methodology is presented for phase discrimination in complex solid solutions near the morphotropic phase boundary.

Accepted 9 May 2023

Upgraded D22 SEC–SANS setup dedicated to the biology community

This publication describes the stable version of the liquid chromatography system combined with the small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) instrument D22 at Institut Laue–Langevin to run size-exclusion chromatography immediately before SANS measurement.

Accepted 5 May 2023

Sub-second pair distribution function using a broad bandwidth monochromator

This work demonstrates the use of a broad-energy bandwidth multilayer mirror monochromator for X-ray total scattering (TS) measurements and pair distribution function (PDF) analysis. This type of measurement could thus facilitate faster time-resolved TS and PDF studies.

Accepted 5 May 2023

EDP2PDF – a computer program for extracting a pair distribution function (PDF) from an electron diffraction pattern (EDP) for the structural analysis of materials

A new program named EDP2PDF is developed for the conversion of an electron diffraction pattern into a pair distribution function for materials structure analysis.

Accepted 1 May 2023

Implementation of grain mapping by diffraction contrast tomography on a conventional laboratory tomography setup with variable detectors

Implementation of grain mapping by diffraction contrast tomography has been demonstrated on a conventional tomography setup with two common detectors (CCD and flat-panel) in detail. Typical grain mapping performance has been characterized for the related experimental conditions and setup, and grain reconstructions from diffraction images acquired with different exposure times demonstrate the possibility of fast grain mapping with laboratory-based X-rays.

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