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Figure 2
Crystal structure of [Ag4(O2C(CF2)2CF3)4(phenazine)2(toluene)]·2(toluene) (1-tol·tol) shown (a) in the ab plane, highlighting the μ:η1,η1 bridging toluene molecules (expansions showing the silver carboxylate dimer and the tetramers; only one of the two toluene orientations is shown in the expansions) and (b) in the bc plane, highlighting the non-coordinated toluene solvent between two-dimensional layers of 1-tol·tol. Silver ions shown in black, heptafluorobutanoate in red, phenazine in blue and toluene in green. H atoms omitted for clarity.

Volume 2| Part 2| February 2015| Pages 188-197
ISSN: 2052-2525