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Figure 7
Comparison of TrpAB orthologs. (a) Superposition of SpTrpB (yellow, TrpA, chain C; coral/cyan, TrpB, chain D) with FtTrpB (blue), MtTrpB (purple; chains A and B; PDB entry 5tcf; Wellington et al., 2017BB64) and StTrpB (gray; PDB entry 1bks; Rhee et al., 1996BB53). PLP from SpTrpAB is shown in a sphere representation. TrpA is shown to indicate the mutual orientation of the subunits. (b) Superposition of TrpA extracted from the TrpAB heterodimers. (c) Stereoview of the TrpA active-site superposition of SpTrpA (yellow), FtTrpA (blue) and StTrpA in complex with IPP (gray; PDB entry 1qop; Weyand & Schlichting, 1999BB65).

Volume 6| Part 4| July 2019| Pages 649-664
ISSN: 2052-2525