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Figure 3
Specific radiation damage in crystals of HEWL. Evolution of the (2mFobsDFcalc, αcalc) electron-density map in data sets of lysozyme recorded with increasing doses at cryogenic and room temperature. (a) Series recorded at 100 K (maps contoured at a 0.6σ level). (b) [Fobs(6)Fobs(1), αcalc(1)] Fourier difference map calculated between the final and the initial data sets recorded at 100 K, highlighting the specific radiation damage to the disulfide bond Cys76–Cys94 (map contoured at a ±4.0σ level). (c) (2mFobsDFcalc, αcalc) electron-density map for the first (left) and the last (right) data sets recorded at 100 K, illustrating the breakage of the disulfide bond leading to the reorientation of the side chain of Cys94 (maps contoured at a 1.0σ level). (d) Series recorded at 293 K (maps contoured at a 1.0σ level).

Volume 6| Part 4| July 2019| Pages 665-680
ISSN: 2052-2525