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Figure 3
Roadrunner II chip design. (a) For assembly, a magnetic base (Thorlabs) is screwed to an aluminium support frame and a Roadrunner II chip is glued on top of the frame cavity. Both assembly steps are assisted by special tools to guarantee perpendicular installation of the base with respect to the support frame and a defined and reproducible position of the chip. The humidor (green) is equipped with a dry piece of tissue and can be slid to the base of the aluminium support frame. (b) The humidor was designed to keep naked crystals on the chip in a humid environment. For the short transport between the crystal-preparation laboratory and the beamline, the tissue in the humidor is soaked with water or mother liquor through the gaps on top and the humidor is slid over the chip.

Volume 6| Part 4| July 2019| Pages 714-728
ISSN: 2052-2525