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Figure 2
(a) Cross-sectional view of a modified three-pin Merrill–Bassett type diamond-anvil pressure cell (Merrill & Bassett, 1974BB48). (1, 2) Upper and lower pieces of the cell body. Pins press-fit into the lower part align the two pieces with each other. (3a, 3b) Rear-perforated diamonds mounted on tungsten-carbide seats. One seat is mounted to a rocker for angular alignment. A retaining ring (4) holds the rocker and seat in position. Screws and stacks of Belleville disk washers (5) provide the sealing force and initial room-temperature pressurization. A helium bellows actuator (6) and retaining cap (7) allow for in situ cryogenic pressurization. (b) Magnified cross-sectional view of the center of the cell showing the wide-angle perforation design based on the Boehler diamond anvil (blue), along with a gasket (orange) and a typical sample (white). (c) Photograph of actual cell components with numbers corresponding to those in panel (a).

Volume 6| Part 4| July 2019| Pages 507-520
ISSN: 2052-2525