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Figure 3
Changes in local resolution between unsharpened maps and sharpened maps detected with DeepRes. Histograms determined with MonoRes, ResMap and BlocRes for unsharpened maps (left), the histograms determined for unsharpened and sharpened maps (center) with DeepRes and the resolution maps for unsharpened and sharpened maps (right) of (a) E. coli GroEL (EMDB entry EMD-3407) and (b) the rabbit 80S ribosome (EMDB entry EMD-9235). The sharpened maps were obtained with LocalDeblur and RELION post-processing for GroEL and ribosome, respectively. Note that the color scales of the resolution maps of the different specimens have been modified for better visualization.

Volume 6| Part 6| November 2019| Pages 1054-1063
ISSN: 2052-2525