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Figure 5
Strychnine bound to GBP. (a) The chemical structure of the natural product. (b) The key residues and orientation of strychnine bound to GBP. A similar color scheme as shown in Fig. 3[link] is used, with C positions of strychnine in black and C positions of acetate and ethanediol (EDO) in green. (c) The binding of strychnine to the human GlyR-α3 homomer from PDB entry 5cfb (Huang et al., 2015BB21); the residue numbers in the PDB entry are retained. (d) For comparative purposes the alignment of GBP [see Fig. 1[link](b)] with human GlyR-α3 is shown using the numbering scheme of the PDB entry. Residues shown in (c) are shown in gray for the principal side and in cyan for the complementary side.

Volume 6| Part 6| November 2019| Pages 1014-1023
ISSN: 2052-2525