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Figure 3
Characteristic absorption peaks corresponding to solid FTIR data (dotted black curve for MC_PP, red for MC and blue for PP), liquid ATR-FTIR data (solid black curve for MC_PP trimer, red for MC, blue for PP in toluene, and gray dotted curve for pure toluene) and the computational results in toluene (light purple vertical line for t(MCPP) in toluene solution and light gray vertical line for the t(PI_MCPP) in toluene solution). Symbols: ν: stretching, δ: in-plane bending; (superscripts) L: ATR-FTIR data; S: FTIR data; cal: computational data; (subscripts) as: antisymmetric.

Volume 6| Part 6| November 2019| Pages 1064-1073
ISSN: 2052-2525