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Figure 1
Current setup of the TrEM apparatus. (a) Overview of the complete apparatus showing the Styrofoam freezing cup which houses the liquid ethane (I), syringe pumps (II), high-tension voltage module (III), computer controller (IV), forceps on plunger (V), blotting arms (VI) and sprayer (VII). (b) Zoomed-in view of the spray chamber showing the spray nozzle (VIII), blotting arms (VI), forceps with grid (IX), ethane cup within the Styrofoam liquid nitro­gen holder (X), and a port that opens just prior to the grid plunge and limits the exposure of the liquid ethane to the humid air in the chamber (XI).

Volume 6| Part 6| November 2019| Pages 1024-1031
ISSN: 2052-2525