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Figure 1
The spike and the ensemble map. (a) A representative view of the new map (EMDB entry EMD-11328), the corresponding FSC curve and the sequence of a monomer of the S protein (from Wrapp et al., 2020). The scale bar is 5 nm in length. (b, c) New ensemble cryo-EM map (EMD-11328) compared with that originally presented (EMDB entry EMD-21375). The first row (b) corresponds to the new map and the second row (c) to EMD-21375. In each row, from left to right: a map representation showing the local resolution (computed with MonoRes; Vilas et al., 2018BB36), a histogram representation of the local directional resolution dispersion (interquartile range between percentiles 17 and 83) and, finally, a plot showing the radial average of the local tangential resolution (analyzed with MonoDir; Vilas et al., 2020BB37).

Volume 7| Part 6| November 2020| Pages 1059-1069
ISSN: 2052-2525