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Figure 2
Representative images for lysozyme in COC with metal beads (a)–(c) and PepTSt in silicon nitride without metal beads (d)–(f). (a), (d) Optical-microscopy views before cryo-cooling. (b), (e) Edge-enhanced X-ray images from TOMCAT. (c), (f) Views with the online microscope at PXI. The online viewing images were rotated and mirrored as needed for clarity. Colors in (b) and (e) show the positions of crystals (red dots) and metal beads (center of the blue circles) from the particle search, and easily identifiable references in the absence of metal beads (center of the green circles). The scale bars are 200 µm, and 20 µm in the insets of (b) and (e). The arrows in (b) and (e) show some examples of the smallest identifiable crystals. The squared area in (d) corresponds to the inset in (e). Cracks in (e) and (f) result from the freezing of the mesophase between the rigid silicon nitride windows.

Volume 7| Part 6| November 2020| Pages 1131-1141
ISSN: 2052-2525