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Figure 1
A helium environment for low-energy X-ray experiments. (a) The helium path setup at the FMX experimental station. The X-ray beam passes through the nitro­gen cooling gas stream after exiting the beam collimator tube 5 mm upstream of the crystal into the beamstop 5 mm downstream of the crystal. The scattered radiation passes through a Kapton window with a thickness of 7.62 µm at a distance of 12 mm downstream of the sample position. The detector surface of the EIGER X 16M detector is at 137 mm downstream of the crystal position. (b) and (c) Plot of 〈I/σ(I)〉 against dmin. Highest signal-to-noise among single-crystal dataset of (b) thaumatin or (c) TehA included 1620 frames.

Volume 9| Part 6| November 2022| Pages 768-777
ISSN: 2052-2525