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Figure 5
Structure determination for TehA. (a) CCall/CCweak of SHELXD trials. (b) Experimental electron density after density modification. (c) Refined electron-density map. (d) Bijvoet-difference Fourier peaks. Peaks for anomalous scatters are shown as magenta isomeshes contoured at 4σ. The numbers indicate the positions of anomalous scatters in the structure: 1–9, sulfur from protein; 1, M91; 2, Cys211; 3, M174; 4, M267; 5, M201; 6, M294; 7, M58; 8, M301. Peaks 9–11 are not from protein sulfur atoms. The overall structure model of the TehA protomer from native-SAD is shown as ribbons.

Volume 9| Part 6| November 2022| Pages 768-777
ISSN: 2052-2525