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Figure 7
Relaxation of the photoadduct in LOV2 monitored by time-resolved crystallography. (a) Evolution of the 2FobsFcalc electron density map contoured at a 1.5σ level superimposed on the C426 and the FMN chromophore at selected time points between the PS equilibrium (t < 0 s) and 1620 s (L-state in green, D′′-state in firebrick). (b) Occupancy evolution over time of the three conformations of C426 showing the progressive disappearance of the photoadduct (conformation C: green) and the appearance of the two ground state conformations (major conformation A: orange, minor conformation B: blue).

Volume 9| Part 6| November 2022| Pages 756-767
ISSN: 2052-2525